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BNB Superhosts here to serve your BNB Rental Property

The Team of BNB Superhosts are here for You

Our team can help you transform your property into a nice BNB that is perfect for marketing to good guests looking for a luxurious stay anywhere in the United States.

Get a turn-key solution to instantly get hundreds-to-thousands of dollars tax-free income with short-term rentals rather than with lengthy contracts with other rental management companies.

BNB Rental Group is here to be your turn-key solution for marketing, managing, and operating your property’s short-term rental profit center focused on hosting stays at your property without you lifting a finger.

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Over the years, we have refined our processes for marketing short-term rental properties.  The unique process filters only the top-ranking tools and strategies before they are ever considered as recommendations for your properties.  Your short term rental will be in good hands with our proven tools and approaches.

We can be your new BNB Rental Group.  As specialists in the AirB&B Property Management Industry, you can count on our approach and level-of-service to improve your condition.

Each tool is assessed for value throughout the entire lifecycle, and reporting is produced for the property owner a timed-intervals.  We stand-by our service, and we’re open to sharing the new bookings and other vital information to the property owners throughout the engagement.

Clean and furnished rooms prepared by our host for your short term rental property guests

Apartment Transformation

2,030.00 / per year of tax-free profit

Clean and furnished suite prepared by property management company for guests

Deluxe Suite Transformation

3,550.00 / per year of tax-free profit

Short Term Rental Property Management Services

BNB Rental Group Property Services

Meeting & Greeting

Our team member will meet and greet the guests with the keys to enjoy their stay at your property.

Securing Property

Your property will be secured and cared for while we manage your short-term rental property.

Live Support

We are here for you and the guests at your property. Our team is a 24/7 Operation.


On sites like,AirBNB and VRBO, customers want a personalized touch to inspire their reviews.

Property Leadership

Your property will be maintained better and more frequently with care and attention to detail, including, cleaning and upkeep.

Top Marketing

We only survive when you thrive. Get photography, web marketing and sales done-for-you with us!

start airbnb Property Management Specialists

start airbnb Short term Property Management

The concept is very simple.  Short term rental property management focuses on renting your property to a market of buyers which yields higher returns than if you were to lease your property at local market rates.

BNB Rental Property Management

As your BNB property advisor, you can rest assured that the best resources will be utilized in order to properly maintain your property and ensure its viability– and value– in the future.  At BNB Rental Group, our team is qualified to manage your property with the many ongoing property management services we can provide, including:

  • Guidance for how to start Airbnb hosting like a pro!
  • New Airbnb host how quickly can you start info, tools and resources.
  • How to start your own Airbnb experience — special industry tools, included!
  • …and follow-up marketing activities for great reviews!

Airbnb Property Management

When you want surprising results to turn more prospects into renting your property more with Airbnb, you need an experienced team that is applying the effective strategy already from day 1.  

Marketing your property on Airbnb can be challenging, and if you’re not constantly learning the latest techniques, you might be at a loss for ranking high, with good ratings and making a profit.  We help to start and keep the momentum going.

Airbnb Specialities:

  • Knowing how can you make your Airbnb booking s start on a certain day, as this will help improve your ability to control when to book your own travel arrangements!
  • Learn how to start a Airbnb business without money– just use your existing resources.
  • Answers to: how can I start Airbnb that succeeds?
  • Learn the best way to start Airbnb hosting — hint: it has to do with the Topic No. 415 Renting Residential and Vacation Property from the IRS

BNB Property Manager for Airbnb Property Management Needs

For Airbnb property, we can serve as your host and management company.  Your professional property management service from us will provide you with the following:

  • Learn how much it cost to start an Airbnb in your own home
  • Benefit from how others profited and start your own Airbnb income stream
  • The latest digital marketing techniques to promote and convert sales for your property

Your Airbnb Property is about to see a lot more action!  See the difference by hiring us as your property’s superhosts!   We are specialists in the short-term rental property market.  As your property manager and host, we provide a higher-level of service that is designed to be your turn-key solution from the start!

Your short term rental will be available when you need it, and marketed to the marketplace on Airbnb so that you can effectively provide yourself with a recurring stream of income from Airbnb clientele.  Our BNB rental pros can help you today!

Example of a clean bedroom that is ready to list on Airbnb and VRBO to market your property

how to start a vrbo business Property Specialists

getting started with vRBO

Entire rental property is clean and stocked with goods for your new guests including this clean kitchen

We know what the market wants to successfully execute a strategy to turn your property into a highly-sought, short term rental property for profits.

VRBO Property Management

Vacation rentals are one of the common requests we get as a rental management company. Property owners commonly want to know the right buyers are being targeted on VRBO and pricing is a point to ensure ROI on the properties.

BNB Property Manager for VRBO Rental Property Owners

The short term rental property service we provide enables you to get the ROI and have the property management company do all the work on your behalf in the background. To manage your property, you can reach out to our team and get the results your property is capable to earn based on real market rate value.

Short Term Rental Property Calculator

How much can my property earn?

Determine Opportunity to Host Your Vacation Rental with BNB Rental Group

Determine Opportunity to Host Your Vacation Rental with BNB Rental Group

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Basic Question

Could you use some new guests in your property?

Basic Information

Number of Bedrooms

Number of Bathrooms

Your calculation from earning potential is simple to figure-out, and will tell you whether you’re going be able to keep this going in a sustainable fashion.

Variable of Guests

If you’re not paying attention to generating more leadbase to rent your property, you definitely want to ensure your property manager is on the ball.

The number of guests that stay at your property has a direct correlation with your monthly profits.  Guests can be finicky, depending on your type of property (eg. A, B or C or below types).  You can make a stream of income just from short term rentals, and rent the property whenever you and your family need to occupy it.  However, in order to sincerely see your rental as a viable stream, you need guests– and a lot of them.

Quality of Guest Leadbase

Not all leads turn into good guests, and some rookie mistakes can lure in the wrong type of people. Sure, you might budge on price, but the real kicker is when they post negative feedback.  It can be heartbreaking when there aren’t enough good reviews yet to have would-be-great-guests give your property a second look.  We can help you market your rentals effectively.

Our company can help you target the right kind of guests you want.

Optimizing Throughput of Leads-to-Guests

The Quality of the stream of leads as ideal guests can be designed and optimized.

We canhelp you design, implement and optimize your throughput to get more output, which is more new guests staying at your property regularly for market rates. As a host, we also notice nonverbal communication in addition to studying customer surveys.


How do I get an Airbnb for Parties?

At BNB Rental Group, we have you covered for this.  Working with property owners and managers with nice party spots, you can review our listings and book your party location for your event with our listings online.

How does Airbnb work for parties?

Airbnb has decided to ban parties however some hosts still want to offer their properties for parties and earn a profit.  That is why we have listings for properties owners to rent their properties for this purpose.

How do I find houses on Airbnb suitable for parties?

In the past, you could do a filtered search on Airbnb and search for properties which allowed parties.  Now, since Airbnb has effectively banned parties, it is considered against the terms of service to inquire property managers on the platform for this purpose.

How to search for bachelor party places on Airbnb?

Because of the party ban, you can no longer search for bachelor party places on their platform.

How do I book Airbnb for holiday parties?

For any kind of parties renting bnb-style locations, we can help you find the event location you need.



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